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A Passion for Natural Healing

Healing Hands is a holistic wellness salon providing the local community with natural healing therapies to ease physical and emotional discomfort. Carol is an experienced and qualified therapist who can help clients reduce stress, relieve pain and improve overall well-being through evidence-based holistic modalities like Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage.

Carol offers her services from her own home, and her salon gives her clients an experience of total privacy with all the comforts of home from home.

About Carol — Training and Experience

Carol Furlong, has earned ITEC diplomas in Anatomy & Physiology, Aromatherapy Massage, and Reflexology from Green Tara College, one of Ireland’s top holistic training institutions. She also holds professional certificates in Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, and Advanced Reflexology.

Her diverse clientele includes everyone from busy working people, to new mothers, to athletes recovering from injuries and those of all ages who are suffering from various ailments.

Carol has spent most of her career working in the Financial Sector and decided to change pathways some years ago. She always felt there was another calling within her and discovered the area of holistic therapies, which she quickly realised complimented her giving nature. She recognises the powerful effect that Massage and Reflexology can have on the mind, body and soul through her own experiences and relishes the opportunity to pass this on to others.

Thus the launch of her new business, Healing Hands, where she welcomes one and all to benefit from the power of touch.

Individualized Care is My Priority

Healing Hand’s number one priority is tailoring each session precisely to a client’s needs and wellness goals. A brief consultation takes place prior to the first visit to understand medical history, areas of concern and desired outcomes.

Carol is also trained to recognize when certain modalities may not be advisable for given health conditions. Her caring, intuitive approach ensures therapies are modified appropriately to always provide safe, beneficial experiences. Follow-up consultations assess progress and discuss how to continue positive self-care at home.

Healing Hands hopes that through its holistic therapy in Waterford, more people will discover how simple yet profound touching can be for total relaxation, pain relief, rehabilitation and overall well-being.